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A Leading Deconstruction Company in Seattle, WA

At Sledge Seattle, LLC, we proudly offer deconstruction services to homeowners, builders, and developers in Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas. We specialize in deconstructing homes, buildings, and commercial structures. We ensure that what’s left behind is safe and pleasing to look at.

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What Makes Our Deconstruction Services Different

Learn More About Deconstruction Vs. Demolition

The way homes are typically demolished doesn’t make sense. It takes a house and diminishes it into a huge, tangled mess of wood, metal, plaster, and plastic that inevitably dies in a landfill. Demolition is a bomb. From what was once a carefully constructed collection of assemblies and layers of materials, is left a pile of shrapnel. The process takes about 30 minutes.

In deconstruction, the assemblies are carefully taken apart. The layers are peeled off in reverse order of how the home was built. Salvaged materials are reorganized and separated for reuse. Deconstruction is the physical reconstitution of a house. It’s an altering of its existence, not an end.

Of course, it takes an assembly of people to do the work. The construction of one average single-family home will employ 25 or more labor positions at different times for up to a year. There are also accountants, bookkeepers, banking employees, consultants, and city of Seattle land use planners and inspectors, all playing a role.

We Bring Your Vision to Life

Our deconstruction work is done with close attention to detail to help you get the following benefits:

  • Reduced Waste: Taking a historical home or building apart piece-by-piece allows for the preservation of beautifully aged, premium lumber, instead of losing it to the dump. This reduces both waste and carbon emissions from hauling demolished materials.
  • Respectful Approach: Neighborhoods have histories, and the materials from a historical home or building have absorbed the scent of the past. Unlike violent demolition, deconstruction preserves the materials and integrates them into newly developed homes, creating a visual continuity for the community.
  • Sustainability: Materials reclaimed from deconstruction can be resurfaced and reused for handcrafted home finishes and furniture pieces. Our house deconstruction company aims to create as many end-products on-site as possible to further reduce its carbon footprint.

We’re committed to ensuring that your property is taken apart and recycled in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Our contractors make sure that no hazardous materials are left behind after the deconstruction work is complete. Moreover, we work hard to help you transform your property into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Contact our team to request your house deconstruction services in Seattle, WA, or the surrounding areas.